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Why Choose Flatbed Towing

While looking for a reliable towing company is essential, it is also vital that you know what are the towing options available. Opting for the flatbed towing services that Border International Towing offers, for example, will make sure that your valued vehicle will be transported safely and efficiently to wherever you want it to be. It is considered the safest and most secure towing method that is commonly used in transporting vehicles in good condition. We will ensure your car will be driven into the ramp safely and will secure it in the flat cargo bed. If it’s the cost of flatbed car towing service that’s bothering you, our team guarantee that my rates are among the most affordable you can find in El Paso, TX and the surrounding areas.

Why Choose Our Flatbed Towing Services

Flatbed towing services might be among the most secure and safe towing method available these days. But you can only ensure safe and efficient car towing service if you trust it to a reliable professional like Border International Towing. We have cutting-edge towing equipment, adequate experience, proper training, and highly-maintained vehicle to ensure your car will be safely towed to your location with the same stellar quality when you place it in our care.

So whenever you need flatbed towing services anywhere in the surrounding areas of El Paso, TX, you now know that We are the reliable professional you can always count on. Call us at 915-873-1672 right away if you’re in need of towing services now!

Car Breakdown Towing

When your car is broken down by the side of the road, you just want things to get back to normal as soon as possible.

It is for times like these that we provide dependable vehicle breakdown towing services. And because breakdowns tend to happen at the worst times, our expert tow truck drivers. No matter if you have an engine that won’t start, a malfunctioning alternator, damaged exhaust pipe, flat tire, or dead battery, we can help with fast towing and roadside service that is affordable.

Light to medium duty towing

When your medium-sized truck is stuck by the side of the road, it’s natural to worry. After all, any towing company can handle the light towing for cars. We have all the equipment needed to handle all of your medium and light duty towing needs, such as cars, pickups, boats, motorcycles, and trailers. From a tow across town, to a rolled-over pickup in the ditch, Border International Towing also has the trained personnel to handle the job quickly and efficiently.

Worried about damaging your low-profile vehicle? No problem – our state-of-the-art flatbeds have been equipped with air bags so the bed of the truck actually lowers, therefore, allowing your vehicle to be loaded without any fear of causing damage to the undercarriage. No matter your towing needs, only trust the professionals at Border International Towing.

Heavy-duty towing

Heavy duty towing consists of towing semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, RV’s, large buses and more. Border International Towing possesses the skill level and machinery to tow any heavy-duty vehicle safely. Due to the sheer tonnage and size, heavy duty towing can be quite dangerous. Attempting to tow a vehicle in the midst of rapid oncoming traffic can result in serious injuries and even fatalities. We provide parking enforcement service.

Getting a super-size vehicle onto a tow truck is like a balancing act. One wrong move and there are serious repercussions. There may be damage to the tow truck, the towed vehicle, operator or innocent. Fortunately, we only send our most senior operators for heavy duty towing jobs. We have the capacity to tow any vehicle. That includes low, medium and all heavy-duty vehicles. For a complete listing of heavy-duty towing services, contact us today.

Motorcycle towing

Border International Towing offers fast and reliable round the clock towing service to stranded motorists.  Whether you are badly in need of basic roadside assistance or emergency refueling for your motorcycle, they would always be glad to lend their unmatched expertise when it comes to towing services. If you are stuck, get in touch with Border International Towing and get the peace of mind you deserve